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Nilfisk Supreme LCD

Nilfisk Central Vacs. For houses up to 500 sqm.

Numéro produit: 107404972

Vacuum cleaning the easy way
A central vacuum cleaner does just that. It is extremely quiet, odour free, lightweight and handy, turning a repetitive domestic chore into an agreeable easy-to-do job. With the central power unit (combined motor and dust container) stowed away on the loft, in the basement, or in some remote location where it bothers no one, it is out of the way, and the only thing you need to carry around when vacuuming is the hose itself.  A clever precaution against asthma, eczema and other allergies as all dust pick up is directed out of the rooms through the sealed tubes.

High performance in houses up to 500 sqm
Nilfisk Supreme LCD is a central power unit with a LCD info center display, where information on status of the machine performance is displayed.

All Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners have wireless technology, so that they can be equipped with your choice of hose.
This product is only a machine, if needed, remember to buy fitting and hose kit separately

    • LCD info center on the machine, where information on:
      Indicator for dust bag / filter change,
      suction level,
      indicator for service needed,
      indicator for overheated product,
      indicator for reduced airflow,
      indicator for handle is out of reach
    • Can be used with or without a bag
    • Dust container with cyclone system
    • Low working sound
    • The central unit is equipped with start stop function
    • Build in soft start system
    • The build in sack filter is self-cleaning through the movement, when the central units starts / stops

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